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Zeke Motta is a PADI freedive instructor based in Vero Beach, Florida. Zeke specializes in performance training that aims to connect the mind and body through diving, qigong and breath work. Prior to his freedive career, Zeke played for the Atlanta Falcons and was all American at his alma matter Notre Dame. His career ended early with a fracture to his C-1 vertebrae while playing football. After leaving football, Zeke took some time to hone in on a more holistic approach to healing his mind and body. He believes that there is great healing when you go inward and take the time to connect all of your senses. 

Zeke teaches alongside his partner Brandee Anthony, owner of Mermaid Freedive. Together they offer a wide variety of courses for all ages. "Our goal is to find ways to get people in the water, and that looks different for everyone."

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